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  • WATCH: We encourage high school leaders and educators to host district- or school-wide classroom screenings of the acclaimed and currently streaming Netflix documentary, “Audrie & Daisy,” about two high school girls who were sexually assaulted by classmates they thought were friends. Here is a guide for planning a screening.
  • DISCUSS: Follow the screening with assemblies and/or small group discussions, using this discussion guide.

If you’re interested in hosting a screening at your school, please complete this form.

5 Lesson Plans for Educators

  1. Changing the Culture
  2. Teaching Digital Citizenship
  3. Understanding Consent
  4. Stepping Forward and Speaking Out: From Bystander to Upstander
  5. Creating Healthy Relationships On and Offline



  • Gather-imageWhat’s a watch party? You may have heard the phrase “Netflix and Chill.” Consider gathering friends and family for a “Netflix and Change” party. Bring on the popcorn for a home screening of “Audrie & Daisy.”    
  • Take and share photos of your gathering on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Feel free to use the hashtag #AudrieandDaisy.
  • Discuss ways that you can take collective public action such as organizing phone calls to elected officials or implementing a postcard-writing campaign to organize, spread awareness, and lift up solutions for ending sexual assault and harassment in high schools.   

Screening Resources:


capitolHave you seen the tremendous turnout of voters and citizens contacting their Congressional Representatives and Senators recently? They are listening! We encourage you to call or email to express your support for items such as:

  • Continued funding and support for the federal Office of Civil Rights and Title IX enforcement.
  • Funding for consent education and prevention programs in middle and high schools.
  • Training for and visibility of Title IX officers throughout local school districts.
  • Support services for victims and survivors of sexual assault and cyber harassment.
  • Local public education campaigns to promote awareness of sexual assault and rape culture, and how to create social change.


Try These Advocacy Tools



A group of survivors (and family) who were featured in Audrie & Daisy has come together to prevent what happened to them, from happening to anyone else. Daisy Coleman, Ella Fairon, Jada Smith, and Charlie Coleman have bravely spoken out about sexual assault, online harassment, the community backlash they received, their schools’ handling of their ongoing harassment, and how they have fought for change.

Their stories were featured on TeenVogue.com

Sexual Assault Survivors Talk About Cyberbullying and Victim Blaming on Social Media

Charlie Coleman Talks About Rape Culture and Sister Daisy’s Sexual Assault

Want to start a SafeBAE squad at your high school?

Visit the SafeBAE website to learn about the many ways to become activists and change the culture of your school.

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